Make A Mic Snake

Don’t Want To Pay For A Mic Snake?  You Can  Make One Yourself!

Sometimes you need a temporary (or permanent) mic multi-cable or “snake” that meets a special stage or studio wiring requirement.

Use these products from to make up custom snakes for drum risers, back line stage gear, vocal sub-snakes and other multi mic applications.

One Wrap Straps from Velcro-Create a neat, organized and easy to coil bundle for your special snake and then take it apart quickly when you are finished. One Wrap Straps are soft, so they are easy to handle and can be cut to length if one of our standard lengths doesn’t meet your needs.

Nylon Wire Ties-More permanent mic snakes can be assembled using wire ties. These will hold together in tough environments, coil quickly and can be color coded so you locate that special bundle when there are lots of cables onsite or lighting levels are low.

Paper Label Tape-Use Permacel 724 label tape and a Sharpie Marker to mark both ends of the cables in your temporary mic multi-cable. It is easier to label both ends of each cable with a number or a letter before the temporary multi-cable is assembled.

Hosa Mic Cables-These high quality, easy-to-coil microphone cables are great for putting together temporary microphone multi-cables. is your source for professional quality microphone cables.
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