Mic Cable Glossary

You’ll Need These Terms To Discuss Microphone Cables
AWG-The gauge, or size of the cable. The smaller the number, the larger the cable
XLR-Connector-Standard locking connectors used on most microphone cables.
Jacket-The rubber-like material used to surround and protect the copper conductors in a mic cable.
Microphone multicable-A single cable with multiple conductor pairs-intended to replace several single
 Mic snake-Another term for microphone multicable.
Shielding-Braided or stranded wire (or foil) around the ouside of mic cables, but inside the jacket, which protects the conductors from outside interference.
Mic snake-Another term for microphone multicable.
Pin out-The cabling configuration assigned to the numbered pins inside an XLR cable.
Patch cable-A short version of a microphone cable, usually used for connecting two pieces of electronic equipment.
Twisted pair-The two insulated conductors inside a microphone cable that actually carry the audio signal.
Roll off-The characteristic of a microphone cable to loose signal quality as the cable length is extended.
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